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    Nanaimo, BC

New Patients

We are not currently taking applications for new patients.

Our Location

We are located on Waddington Road near the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Welcome To Anchor Family Medicine

Allow us to tell you more about our clinic.

About Us

Anchor Family Medicine is a full service Family Practice clinic located in Nanaimo, BC.  We are a UBC Family Medicine Learning Centre to help teach the next generation of Family Doctors.

There are 10 Family Doctors and 2 UBC Family Practice Residents working at Anchor Family Medicine as well as Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Leo Wu.

Dr. Katherine Coupland

Dr. Sandy da Silva

Dr. Danielle Downe

Dr. Sunelle Fawell

Dr. Patrick Kerridge

Dr. Derek Poteryko

Dr. Anita Rashidi

Dr. Aaron Sobkowicz

Dr. Tim Walters

Dr. Tony Zuccaro

Dr. Helena Kita, R2

Dr. Gillian Nixon, R1

In a haven of healing, where sunbeams embrace,

Anchor Family Medicine, a comforting place.

With Sandy at the helm, a beacon so bright,

Guiding the way through each patient's plight.

Sunelle, a soothing breeze, compassionate and warm,

Whispering reassurance, weathering life's storm.

Katherine, a gentle touch, a caring hand,

Nurturing wellness across the family land.

Tim, a scholar, a wise and guiding force,

Teaching with patience, staying the course.

Aaron, a guardian, steadfast and true,

Uplifting spirits, a comforting view.

In the halls of knowledge, Danielle strides,

A mentor and healer, in whom trust abides.

Tony, a pillar, strength in every word,

Teaching the lessons that are truly heard.

Patrick, a listener, attuned to every tale,

Empathy and understanding, like a gentle gale.

Anita, a healer with a heart so kind,

Easing worries, bringing peace of mind.

Derek, a guide through the shadows of pain,

An anchor in tumult, in sunshine and rain.

Together they stand, a compassionate crew,

Teaching the art of healing, each day anew.

Anchored in love, in care they believe,

A clinic of family, where hearts can achieve.

With gratitude we cherish this medical kin,

For Anchor Family Medicine, where healing begins.

Special thanks to Chat GPT for the help!

 Opening Hours
  • Mon – Fri
    8:30am – 5:00pm
  • Phone lines:                 8:30am – 4:00pm   (closed for lunch 12:30pm – 1:30pm)
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Our Hours

Anchor Family Medicine is open throughout the week from Monday to Friday.
We are not open during evenings or weekends, but Healthlink B.C. at 811 can provide medical advice and if the matter is of an urgent nature then the Doctor on call can help (250-754-5545).

Our Services

Our Family Doctors routinely manage chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, COPD, depression/anxiety, etc.

At our clinic we offer comprehensive care for women and can provide prenatal shared care.

Anchor Family Medicine is a teaching site for the UBC Family Practice Residency Program. The program is 2 years long with new residents starting in July of every year.

We offer excisional (lumps and bumps) biopsy, sutures, IUD insertion, PAP testing, wart cryotherapy and other services.

When our patients are admitted to hospital some of our Family Doctors provide inpatient care and visit you in hospital.